Does Inter-city Soccer really take more time than Houseleague?
This is a question that I get asked frequently by many parents! The honest answer is: "Well, that depends..."

I coach both at the house league and intercity levels. My house league team meets twice a week: once for a practice and once for a game.

My intercity team meets twice per week: once for a practice and once for a game. The only real difference is that roughly half of the 13 or 14 games that we play at the intercity-level are at other teams' fields which can be as close as Vaudreuil-Dorion or as (not so) far away as Ville Saint-Laurent. So what suprises most parents is that they only have 6 or 7 games that they have to leave the Saint-Lazare city limits - usually when I put it in these terms it really goes along way to squashing any horror stories they may have heard about having to be on the road all of the time for intercity soccer.

Another thing I encourage the parents of my players to do is to take turns getting the girls to the "away" games...even this little trick can really help reduce the post-day at the office rush!

The other element that differentiates intercity soccer from houseleague is that at the intercity-level we go to one or two tournaments per summer. this year we are registered for the Ottawa Icebreaker tournament at the end of May and we might do another later in the summer.
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